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Hotel - Wuxi

Location Star  Name Tel Address
滨湖区  The Lake District 5 湖滨饭店 Lakeside Hotel 0510-85101888 环湖路蠡园旁 Lake Road adjacent Liyuan
滨湖区  The Lake District 5 太湖饭店 Taihu Hotel 0510-85501888 梅园环湖路   Plum Lake Road
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 太湖明珠国际 Taihu Pearl International 0510-85998888 太湖旅游区十里明珠堤南首Pearl of Taihu Lake tourism area ten miles south embankment 
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 国际饭店   International Hotel 0510-82318888 先前东街118号  Previous 118 East Street
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 花园度假村 Garden Resort 0510-85555888 山水东路8号    Landscape East 8
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 锡海花园酒店 Xi Hai Garden Hotel 0510-85401888 中桥苏锡路207号 Suxi Road Bridge No. 207 in
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 锦江大饭店  Jin Jiang Hotel 0510-83751688 中山路218号   No. 218 Zhongshan Road
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 黄金海岸    Gold Coast 0510-82616888 北大街蔡墅巷1号 North Avenue, Tsai Shu Lane 1
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 锡州花园酒店  Tin State Garden Hotel 0510-88681888 二泉中路68号   Second Spring Road, No. 68
滨湖区  The Lake District 4 山明水秀大酒店  Picturesque Hotel 0510-88689888 蠡溪路999号   Calabash River Road, No. 999
滨湖区  The Lake District 3 中旅大酒店    CTS Hotel 0510-88689888 车站广场88号  Station Square 88
滨湖区  The Lake District 3 古罗马        Ancient Rome 0510-85418989 中南路一号    One in South
滨湖区  The Lake District 3 天瑞大酒店    Tin Shui Hotel 0510-82727000 复兴路118号   No. 118, Fuxing Road
滨湖区  The Lake District 3 东林大酒店    Dong Lin Hotel 0510-82256777 人民东路33号  The people of East 33
滨湖区  The Lake District 3 大地宾馆      Land Hotel 0510-82702188 崇宁路77号    Chongning Road No.77
Info Section
Hotline:+8621-60762551 60762568 Mobile:13761212306 Add:8F CTS Tower No.868 Changshou Road Shanghai PR China License No.L-SH-GJ00045
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