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Guide and Interpreters

Whether you are travelling to China for holidays, on a private, business or school visit, we can provide guides, interpreters and temporary secretaries as required. has a wide choice of different languages for Chinese staff also Foreigner staff for some special languages including:
English, Germany, Spanish, French, Iran, Russia,Italian.

Always easier if you book in advance but last minute booking is possible as well.
Just say the word and we will find the right person for you.

Tour Guide Service

We have a large number of guides, speaking many languages, who can provide tour guide, business interpreter and personal assistant services. All our guides have excellent language skills, years of experience and official international guide certification. Familiarity with all the tourist routes and extensive knowledge of Chinese history and culture are the basic requirement for all our guides. Besides this, we aim to take care of our guests as we would take care of our own family or friends.

Interpreter Service

If you are travelling to China on a private, business or school visit, we can provide guides, interpreters and temporary secretaries as required. Whatever you need, we will create you a wonderful tour or present a perfect assistant for your work.


Half day

One day


a. Simultaneous interpretation

237 US

444 US

59 US

b. Guide and Interpreter/Foreigner staff

118 US

222 US

30 US

c. Guide and Interpreter/Top level

104 US

177 US

22 US

d. Guide and Interpreter/Senior

74 US

118 US

15 US

e. Guide and Interpreter/Junior

44 US

74 US

9 US


Guide Number: ES01
My name is Philip. I was born in Shanghai, Qingpu. I have 10 years guiding experience.I am outgoing and performed public speeches in front of thousands of people when i was a student. I specialise in taking American and British groups. I like travel too - I have been to Japan, Korea, Singpore, Thailand, Malaysia and Nepal.
Guide Number: ES02
Hi I am Jacky. I graduated from Nanjing Science and Technology University, majoring in Environment and Equipment Projects. I have 5 years guiding experience. I was born in Suzhou and have worked in both Shanghai and Suzhou. I like reading very much. All my tourists like to listen to my stories about China, Shanghai and Suzhou's history and culture.
Guide Number: ES04
"Hi, I'm Nora! My Chinese name is Zhuang Wenjuan. I was born in Anhui province and I also work in Shanghai. I majored in English in school. I have good experience as a national guide, taking tours all around China, including horse-riding tours, and I specialize in leading Indian groups."
Guide Number: ES05
"I'm Colin, hello! In Chinese my name is Xie Chen. I was born in Xinjiang province, and now work in Shanghai. I have a degree in tourism management. I have good experience leading national tours, and I am always sad to say goodbye to my guests. I am known for being very warm and friendly."
Guide Number: ES06
I'm Sylvia! My Chinese name is Sha Yingying. I was born in Shanghai and I'm an English tour guide there.
I am Cute, Smart, Curious, and Creative. I got my Travel Management Bachelor from Shanghai Normal University. This picture was taken in EPCOT, in Orlando Disneyland, where I worked for half a year - so i am pretty familiar with the Western life style.
Guide Number: EB01
Hi everyone ,my name is Albert. I am from the north-east of china and i live and work in Beijing now with my family. I like to tell my groups about Chinese & palace history and they enjoy learning about Beijing history and culture very much. Come to join us at the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer palace, Birds-nest, Water-cube and much more...
Guide Number: EB02
"Hi, I am Jack. I am your local English guide in Beijing. I have good experience leading large groups." Jack's sense of humor and northern Chinese style make him a top guide in the capital city of Beijing.
Guide Number: EB03
I am Michael Zhang, who is the local resident in Beijing. And I am the professional tour guide in Beijing, with the six years experience here. I am a reliable, responsible and trustful person. I am good at guiding and explaining in Beijing, especially making everything interesting and attracting. I would like to provide all kinds of help in Beijing. And it is really my honor to meet you and serve you here. I am just expecting your visit here with all my hospitality and service.
Guide Number: EX01
Gang Lee is one of the travel advisors located in the spectacular city of Xi'an.
"Let me show you all the historical treasures that Xi'an has to offer, from the Terra Cotta Warriors, to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, to the Xi'an City Wall, built 700 years ago. I am proud to be one of the top 10 guides in Xi'an, and I hope that I will see you there one day!"
Guide Number: FS01
"Hello, I'm May, and my Chinese name is Liu Dongmei. I was born in Jiangxi province, and I work in Shanghai. I studied in France for two years for my master's degree in business, and now I am a French and English language guide."
Guide Number: FS02
"Hi, I'm Sabine, my Chinese name is Wu Wei, and I speak English and French, with a bachelor's degree in each. This picture was taken in Hawaii, in the USA. I work in Shanghai and look forward to welcoming you to China."
Guide Number: EG01
Sherry, our local guide in Guilin, has a bachelor's degree in English and descends from the Zhuang people. Sherry grew up in the country but her studies brought her to Guilin, and she is now a city girl at heart. She is very good at singing folk songs.
Guide Number: EY01
Our accomplished hiking leaders from Yunnan Province: please meet Lewu and Aku. They are both descendants of the Yi people and speak fluent English. They each won study scholarships as students, and are the first and best English guides in Yunnan and Lijiang. They take pride in showing their guests the best hiking, local cuisine and friendly local people.


a. Guide and Interpreter/Foreigner staff: all of our foreigner guides and interpreters speak Chinese fluently and have been leaving in Shanghai for a long time.

b. Chinese guide and Interpreter: Top level Chinese guides who speak fluent English and/or other languages, charming personality, working exclusively with VIP group, government, celebrity, top leader , CEO .

c. Guide and Interpreter/Senior: 5 years experience. Very good knowledge of the city, always good feedback from customers, very professional, certificated guide.

d. Guide and Interpreter/Junior: 2-5 years experience. Good service attitude.


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