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Zhouzhuang: Situated between Shanghai and Suzhou, Zhouzhuang is an ancient town, which abounds with rivers and lakes. The town is over 900 years old, yet the style and features of this magical place and the lives of its inhabitants remain almost unchanged.


Wood Root Carving Museum: Around 300 spectacular root sculptures are on display in the museum's four exhibition rooms. Each of the rooms has a name: Guinness World Records, Eagles, Buddhist Images and the Underwater World.

Button Museum: Xitang is the ‘home of buttons’ in China; the town manufactures the majority of buttons made in the country. The museum has a fascinating collection of over 1,000 buttons, including antique and new buttons made from horn, ivory, silver silk, brass, mother of pearl and bamboo to name but a few of the materials used.

Long Corridor: The most distinctive difference between Xitang and other ancient waterside towns is this long waterside corridor. The total length of this ceilinged corridor is more than 1,000 metres; much like the long corridor in the Summer Palace in Beijing.


Hundred Beds Museum: Magnificently carved traditional Chinese beds are to be found in this museum. It is located in one of the old two-story houses in the town and the upper level is still used by the family for living purposes, with visitors confined to the ground floor rooms and courtyards. All of the ancient beds in the collection display elaborative carving, luxurious decoration, unique style and excellent design.

Folk Custom Museum: This museum displays the folk customs of birthday and wedding celebrations, as well as various other festivals from the late Qing Dynasty to 1949. The clothes, waxworks and pictures in each themed hall all give you a feeling for the cultural history of the region.

FootbindingMuseum: Footbinding existed in China for over 1,000 years. In feudal Chinese society, a pair of tiny feet was regarded as the biggest treasure a woman could possess. The museum displays 825 pairs of footbinding shoes from various regions of China, as well as many pictures and footbindingtools. It is the first museum of its kind in the world to demonstrate the footbinding culture and is a must-see place for visitors to Wuzhen.

Shadow Play Theatre: The Shadow Play is a leather-silhouette show using props made by ox hide or sheepskin to perform various plays behind a screen. The props are hand-made, using thread to link the joints so that they can move freely, whilst they acrobatically fight gangsters, dragons and tigers. Accompanied by Chinese traditional musical instruments such as urheen and flute, the show enjoys great popularity with all ages.


Tuisi Garden: Tuisi Garden is a classic garden of the Qing era. It boasts a unique layout, with a complete collection of pavilion, terrace, tower, porch, bridge, hall and house surroundinga pond as if they were floating upon it. Together with flourishing trees and colourful flowers, the garden greets visitors with its beauty and charm whatever the season.

Town Square Stage: Enjoy the experience of traditional Chinese opera for free, with regular performances on the purpose-built stage every day.

ChongbenHall: This exquisite hall is renowned for itsvarious sculptures and carvings, such as the 58 quintessential woodcarvings, all reflecting widespread folk stories from the Yangzi River Delta, found at the rear of the hall.

JiayinHall: The main architecture of Jiayin Hall, built in 1912, imitates the style of the Ming dynasty. Magnificent and spacious, it has four courtyards and each structure of this mansion, including beam, rafter, door and window, is engraved with excellent craftsmanship.

Gengle Hall: Gengle Hall was built during the Ming Dynasty and has survived the rise and fall of several dynasties. One crosses three gates to reach the deepest courtyard with its beautiful and pleasant scenery, 41 rooms, and unique buildings such as Lotus Pond, Mandarin Duck Hall, Huanxiu Hall, and Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Hall.



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