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Yuantouzhu Park: The best place to see the beauty of Lake Taiis from the gardens of the Yuantouzhu peninsula and its nearby islands. Yuan Tou Zhu literally means ‘the Head of the Dragon-Turtle’, inspired by the shape of the peninsula as it extends into the north-western part of the lake. In almost every dynasty famous poets have left poems praising the area's striking natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Inside the park are ten famous scenic spots, which include Chongshan Garden, Jiangnan Orchid Garden, Taihu Fairy Islet, and Guangfu Temple.

Three Kingdoms Town: Based on the famous Chinese novel, Romance of Three Kingdoms, the Three Kingdoms Town is located in Dafu Village on the banks of Tai Lake. It is here that The Romance of the Three Kingdoms was filmed. Here, tourists can visit the military camp of Cao, castles on water, warships, and the King of Wu’s Palace and Ganlu (sweet dew) Temple. Film and TV cultural shows, such as the Wedding Ceremony of Liu Bei-the King of Wu kingdom - and the Scheme of Cheating Arrows, with clustered scarecrows on the decks of warships, are performed regularly in the town.

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