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Pudong Lujiazui Financial Trade Center: China’s financial and commercial hub and home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
New Oriental Pearl TV Tower: The Oriental Pearl TV tower, completed on Oct.1 1994, with a height of 468m, is the highest in Asia and the third tallest in the world.

Bund: The Bund is a symbol of Shanghai. The dozens of high buildings, standing on the shore of the Huangpu River, are harmonious in colour and style, thus gaining the name of "gallery of international architectures".

Yu Garden: A famous garden of beauty and tranquillity in the heart of Shanghai, built during the Ming Dynasty, 400 years ago.

Old Town Market: Yuyuan Market, found beside Yu Garden, is a bazaar of stores that sells traditional Chinese arts and crafts and souvenirs Items including chopsticks, Chinese medicine, fans, silk umbrellas, bamboo furniture, pottery, and much more.
People's Square: A large public square adjacent to Nanjing Road, this focal point of Shanghai also contains the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Art Museum, as well the People's Park.
Huangpu River Cruise (Tour S2A only): Here you will have a glimpse of Shanghai's past and look into the bright future of the city. Starting with the fantastic lights of the Bund, the cruise will take around 50 minutes.
Acrobatics Show (Tour S2B only): The world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed around the globe and is a wonderful night out for visitors to Shanghai. Their tightly choreographed and endlessly rehearsed movements are pure art.

XinTian Di: This is the best place to feel and touch the Shanghai of yesterday, today and tomorrow - a leisure entertainment centre with catering, shopping, and an amazing nightlife to suit all tastes and moods, all in a romantic, distinctly Shanghai setting.
Silk Factory: Silk Factory, where you can view the silk making process and maybe pick up that tailored suit you’ve always wanted – it’s your choice!
Nanjing Road: Shop until you drop in the longest shopping street in China and one of the busiest in the world. There’s something for everyone in its vast choice of stores.

Jade Buddha Temple: A beautiful Buddhist temple, founded in 1882 with two spectacular jade Buddha statues imported from Burma.

Shanghai Museum: A vast museum dedicated to all manner of Chinese art and culture, totalling over 120,000 exhibits. 
The Shanghai World Financial Center: The Shanghai World Financial Center is the second tallest building in the world and is located in the Pudong district of the city. The skyscraper consists of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, with shopping malls on the lower floors and also contains the highest hotel in the world.
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall: The Exhibition Hall is a six-story building, with two basement levels, which displays Shanghai's urban planning and development. Exhibitions include models of planned and recent developments, as well as Shanghai's history. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a huge scale model of the city of Shanghai, showing all existing and approved buildings
Shanghai World Expo Site: Standard Day Single Day Admission Ticket: Standard day ticket holders can enter the Expo area once from May 1 to Oct 31, 2010, excluding May 1 to 3, October 1 to 7 and October 25 to 31

Huoshan Park: It was built in 1917 and formally known as Wayside Park. During WWII, the Jewish refugees from Europe often came here to relax or get together. Inside the park stands a monument in commemoration of the "Designated Area for Stateless Refugees”.

Zhoushan Road: The buildings at 71-95 Huoshan Road and 1-81 Zhoushan Road, built in the late 1920s, are adjacent to one another in the classic European style. As it was the place where Jewish refugees lived in great numbers during the Second World War, this area become a commercial centre with an exotic atmosphere, knownback then as "Little Vienna".

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum: The museum consists of three parts: the former site of Ohel Moshe Synagogue and two exhibition halls. It is an important component of the "Tilanqiao Historic Area" and serves as a witness to the chapter of history when the Jewish refugees lived in Shanghai.

Cafe Atlantic: The former site of Cafe Atlantic is located at 127 Haimen Road. It was run by a Jewish refugee, and Jewish musicians were often invited to give performances there. Now it serves as residential housing.

Mascot Roof Garden: The former site of Mascot Roof Garden is Located at the top of the Broadway Theater, 57 Huoshan Road. It was a famous gathering place for Jewish refugees. Jewish musicians often held concerts here.

The former Site of Jewish refugees shelter: After 1939, seven shelters were set up to provide assistance to the Jewish refugees throughout the city of Shanghai.The largest one, sheltering over 1000 refugees, was inside lane 138 on Changyang Road.

Citizen daily  life
Caoyang community: The first community centre in Shanghai, set up in 1951. This community has 8 kindergarten, 6 primary schools, 6 high schools, 2 vocational schools and 3 old peoples’ homes.

Vegetable and Food Market: This is the kind of market that local Shanghainese buy their food from, besides the big supermarkets. In the market you can see and experience local people buying and selling quality food at great prices.

Family House Visit: The family hosts will cook lunch for you .This local family food tastes even better than food in the expensive restaurants. You will also get a chance to talk to your hosts - the retired couple are pleased to answer your questions about their life, their children, their work etc.

Kindergarten: Visit the kindergarten, a chance to have fun with the adorable Chinese children. You can join in with their painting and music classes, before ending your tour dancing together with all of the children – an enchanting way to end your day


Qing Post Office: It is the best-preserved Qing Dynasty Post Office in China, and has a great collection of antique postcards of Old Shanghai and letters written on bamboo amongst its many treasures.

City God Temple: Chenghuangmiao (City God Temple) is where Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) is still worshipped and is popular amongst those of the Taoist faith.

Kezhi Garden: Situated on Xijing Street, it was so named for ‘schooling’(Ke) and ‘cultivation’ (Zhi). The original owner of the garden was called Ma for his family name so it is also called Ma's garden. The building was started in the first year of the Republic of China (1912) and was finished fifteen years later.
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